Remote monitoring patients want to use

Engaging patients with smart devices, connecting through scalable remote monitoring solutions.

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Activate your patients outside the hospital

Chronic conditions don’t disappear when patients leave the doctor’s office. That’s why Nokia empowers care teams to support patients at all times in the effective management of hypertension, congestive heart failure, stroke, and other chronic conditions, guiding their way to a healthier life.


Access easy-to-interpret biometric data from our connected scales, blood pressure monitors and trackers.


Leverage customizable, real-time flags for early intervention. Keep workflows streamlined without data overload.


Improve clinical outcomes with simplified patient communication and care delivery.


Activate patients in their own health wherever and whenever they need support.

Empowering patients to engage with their health via smart devices

Engagement with smart devices and collaborative action planning are some of the most important factors in successful care management. Connected devices allow patients to monitor themselves from the comfort of their home, and to be proactive in taking control of their health as they witness their progress. User-centric technology enables lasting behavioral change and leads to improved and sustained outcomes.

Connecting patients to their care team

For the first time, care teams can access a secure dashboard to see Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) along with a comprehensive set of metrics (weight, blood pressure, activity, sleep). Thresholds are set depending on the patient’s conditions, and flags are raised when these thresholds are not met. This streamlined workflow allows care teams to intervene earlier and prevent needless office visits, costly readmissions and excessive ED utilization.

Empowering patients to take control of their health while providing care teams with timely, relevant, and actionable data for seamless patient prioritization.

Nokia's unique approach harnesses the revolution of smart devices and data to provide relevant, actionable information that can remotely detect patient deterioration. Most often, if care teams had the information they needed to detect early signs of deterioration, it would be possible to prevent hospitalizations by addressing undesirable health events with a more modest intervention.

Securing patient privacy in line with medical standards

Patient confidentiality is sacred. Care teams are entrusted not only with people's health and data, but also with their privacy and wellbeing. To support medical-grade connectivity and protect confidentiality, it takes more than simply complying with regulations. Nokia helps protect patients and care teams with HIPAA-compliant security, comprehensive event logging and market-leading encryption.

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