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Collecting real world evidence has never been easier

The best health data doesn't come from a lab. Collect self-measurement data automatically in free-living settings of large cohorts over extended time periods.

Patient-generated health data

Automatically generate collective health data and trends including metrics such as activity, weight, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse wave velocity.

Participant recruitment

Easily enroll participants to your prospective studies through the Nokia Health Mate app. Recruit only users that correspond to your study’s eligibility criteria.

Survey design and launch

Enrich your measurement data set with declarative data from customized surveys seamlessly integrated into the Nokia Health Mate app.

Easy data extraction

Extract data according to your study needs through the Nokia Health Research platform or your own platforms using our APIs.

Patient-generated health data

Data collected in free-living settings is more representative of the real world than data collected within a lab. Comb through de-identified data to understand correlations, trends and predictive factors.

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"Motivating our interest in digital and mobile health is the chance to empower patients, create higher-value care, and improve outcomes. We know so much about what makes people healthier and it's time to do a better job implementing what we know."

Seth Martin, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Participant recruitment

Effortlessly target and enroll participants relevant to your study directly in the Nokia Health Mate app.

The continuity and pervasiveness of the Nokia ecosystem is essential for our investigation into the effects of activity and sleep quality on cognitive functioning."

François Patou, Technical University of Denmark

Survey design and launch

From question wording to implementation, we can help every step of the way. Survey options include branching logic, segmented audience responses, and customized reporting on results.

Easy data extraction

Access polished reports and raw data to conduct future analysis.

As [our study participants] are so sick, traditional sleep evaluation techniques aren't an option- it's hard to get these patients to appointments, much less to have them spend the night in a sleep clinic!  We are very excited about the potential to diagnose these patients and get them help if they need it.”

Catherine Brownstein, Children's Hospital Boston

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