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See how Nokia superpowers wellness programs

Learn how leading employers harness the power of Nokia connected health devices to drive engagement, and more importantly, outcomes for their employees.

“Who are you walking for?”

Bristol-Myers-Squibb - Corporate Wellness Solution


Four BMS offices located in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands participated in our European Wellness Program. We saw an average improvement of 23.3% in the number of active users, as the percentage of sedentary users decreased from 45.5% to 22.2% over a period of 33 weeks.


My Nokia tracker really made me change my habits. I like the positive reinforcement of the badges and the team spirit that it created.”

Christelle, BMS Paris Office

Under pressure

Dell EMC - Blood Pressure Management Solution


Out of the initial 600 Dell EMC employees who were screened for hypertension, 90% were at risk and enrolled in Abacus’ BPM program. Participants used our Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors to record their measurements on the Health Mate app and a HIPAA compliant platform. The app sent daily push notifications, serving as a reminder to check their blood pressure. As a result of the program, the number of participants who actively took their blood pressure measurements doubled. Participants were able to better manage uncontrolled hypertension, shifting their blood pressure from being at risk to low risk and reducing their chances of having a stroke.


Providing employees with the tools and resources necessary to manage chronic conditions not only supports them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also serves as education to the latest technology available to make better decisions with their physicians.”

Lauri Tenney, Director of Benefits and Programs at EMC

A team effort

SNCF Transilien - Public Engagement Solution


We partnered with SNCF Transilien and conducted a large-scale health study. Individuals living in Paris and the Île-de-France region were encouraged to participate in a 10-week step challenge – the more they walked, the more points they earned for themselves and their teams. Any resident over the age of 18 was eligible to register and join a team by downloading the Health Mate app. The result of the study revealed that participants using public transportation took on average 1,000 more steps and walked 12% more than those who used a car. 


Step challenge results:


Steps taken.


Miles traveled.


Calories burned.

As opposed to using a personal car, combining multiple transport modes helps people walk more. At SNCF, we are convinced, and have proved, that more shared mobility is better for our planet, and we know it is better for our health! This is what we wanted to show in this challenge organized by Nokia.”

Barbara Balibard, CEO of SNCF Transport

"Race around the world”

Nokia – Healthier Together Solution

When Nokia launched a four week Healthier Together activity challenge, 3,000 employees from over 30 countries stepped up, no pun intended. After the challenge, we saw a decrease in medical spending, absenteeism rate, and the number of sick days taken. But most importantly, employee engagement and output levels significantly increased.

Here at Nokia, we take wellness seriously. Below is a video that demonstrates Nokia's internal committment to wellness.


Stats for Healthier Together

See how our employees performed.

Over 8.9K daily step average.

23.3% decline of sedentary employees.

Over 1.6K active users.

It has changed my usual habits and I am walking more than I usually do. On top of this, the program helped me lose an additional 7lbs and motivated me to reach my weight loss goal quicker.”

Vikal Gupta, Nokia Mumbai Office

Weigh better

Lose It! – Weight Loss Solution

Lose It! is mobilizing the world to achieve a healthy weight by providing a personalized, engaging app-based weight loss program. Nokia and Lose It! share a common goal to create a more seamless, integrated experience for users to help them meet their weight loss goals. Through an API connection, users' weight and body composition data flows directly from the Nokia scale into the Lose It! app.

Pairing a Nokia scale with the Lose It! app streamlines the weigh-in process, eliminating the need to manually enter weight, body fat, and other measurements. Members have reported this connection provides additional accountability and context for weight fluctuations, increasing weight loss motivation. Results from the Nokia-Lose It! partnership underscore the power of this powerful feature: to offer an easy-to-use experience that keeps users engaged and motivated in reaching their goals.

The absolute best part of that procedure is Nokia sends my weight immediately to the Lose It! app on my iPhone, so I can’t cheat or ignore it. That number can start my day off with a good positive spin, or, it can make me focus and redouble my effort so that tomorrow’s number will be positive.

Ron Young, Lose It! member who lost over 76lbs with the Body Cardio scale and Lose It! app