Teaming up with Aces Health for Autism research

Emily Wolfe

Aces Health, a cloud-based software platform specializing in clinical research data capture and analytics, is currently playing an integral role in a groundbreaking study for a novel autism treatment. This phase II clinical trial is based on some of the most publicized research in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) over the last year, the results of which are among the most anticipated in medicine. Specifically, these outcomes will shape the future of innovation surrounding the microbiome and its manipulation in central nervous system disorders, including autism, one of the toughest enigmas to crack in modern health.

So how does Nokia fit into all this?

A crucial part of the data collection for this clinical trial relies on thermometers. In its partnership with Aces, Nokia is supplying our instant temporal smart thermometer Thermo. What sets Thermo apart from any ordinary thermometer is its ease-of-use and non-invasiveness: by simply scanning Thermo up to one centimeter away from the forehead, an accurate reading is measured within two seconds.

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So why the need for a smarter thermometer? Due to data regulatory concerns about potential fever complications in trial subjects, the Phase II study was originally slated to go on a full clinical hold by the FDA. Working together, however, Aces Health and Nokia’s Thermo bluetooth thermometer tech were able to remove the hold and ease the FDA’s concerns: through triaging of temperature readings and data integration in the Aces platform, this trial can now continue through real-time adverse event reporting, ensuring fever-related complications are being triaged in real time, minimizing risk associated with the new type of treatment. The treatment, a microbiota material transfer (MMT), is a new form of organ transplantation formerly referred to as fecal matter transplantation. With any organ transplant, the recipient’s body may reject the foreign biomatter, and the induction of a fever would indicate the need for immediate intervention. With the help of Nokia’s connected thermometer, Aces’ software ensured that trial subjects would remain safe in the study at all times.

As a testament to the innovation currently being executed, we are excited to share Aces Health has been selected as a finalist at the MedImmune California Translational Science Forum on Tuesday 9/26. Aces will be presenting in the category of "digital solutions to simplify and accelerate end to end clinical trial execution, including overall trial management, real time data access and review, and drug adverse event data reporting.”

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